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Our Student Contractors have a diverse skillset and can provide organizations with support in a variety of ways. Check out some of the ways organizations have leveraged Student Contractors in the past. Let these example projects serve as inspiration for how our Student Contractors can help YOU! If you have any questions fill out our Contact Us form to get in touch with a member of the BlueWork Team. 

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What are some example marketing projects?

Example projects include: Target Market Analysis, Social Media Content Creation and Implementation, Email Marketing Campaigns, Website Maintenance, Brand Collateral and Development, Video Production, Graphic Design, Slide Deck Development, Brand Collateral, SEO Support, Blog Writing, and Go-To Market Planning.

What are some example skills for marketing projects?

Example skills include: Graphic Design Software, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Market Strategy, Marketing Implementation, Social Media, Video Editing, Video Production, Visual Communication, Business Writing, Communication Planning, Copywriting, Branding Strategy/Development, Go-To-Market Planning, Market Research, Target Market Identification, and Web Design.

Do you have an example of a success story?

A business knew that their Marketing Director would be going on maternity leave. They wanted to hire students to work 20 hours a week to take on some of the employee’s responsibilities. These included: creating content for email and social media marketing, prospecting new leads, adding lead contact information to the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, and making updates to the company website. Students served as the outsourced marketing function for the business. They created marketing metrics and tracked their progress against these metrics. They met regularly with the business owner to stay aligned on goals. The students then facilitated a transition meeting when the Marketing Director returned.

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What are some example Reserach & Strategy projects?

Example projects include: SWOT Analysis, Competitive Landscape Analysis, Slide Deck Development, Business Plan Development/Support, Market Research, Market Validation, White Paper Development, and Process Documentation Review.

What are some example skills for research & Strategy projects?

Example skills include: Academic Research, Analytical Reasoning, Competitive Analysis, Competitive Research, Strategic Planning, Assessment, Business Strategy, Business Writing, Market Research, Process Improvement, Industry Research, Industry Analysis, Critical Thinking, Written Communication, Data Gathering, Organization, Google Platforms, Data Analysis, and Project Management.

Do you have an example of a success story?

A company in the construction industry wanted to conduct a market validation study as they considered adding new services. Students used databases to create a list of prospects to target for the study. They used survey software for the study to gain voice-of-customer insights. The students compiled, analyzed and presented the results to the company’s leadership team. As a result of this project, the company launched a new line of business generating significant revenue for the company.

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What are some example sales & business development projects?

Example projects include: Client Prospecting, Lead Generation, Business Plan Creation, Marketing Strategy, Email Campaigns, CRM Clean-up, Market Research, and Competitive Landscape Analysis.

What are some example skills for Sales & Business development projects?

Example skills include: Email Marketing, Microsoft Software, Salesforce (Sales Cloud – Customer Relationship Management), Sales Prospecting, Sales Script Development, Target Market Identification, Content Creation, Sales Prospecting, Copywriting, Message Development, Industry Research, Branding Strategy/Development, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Data Analysis, Lead Generation, and Lead Qualification.

Do you have an example of a success story?

A company saw an unmet need in the market, but they were unsure how to connect with the market and how to find their contact information. The student utilized databases to create a list of leads based on the specific geographic regions that would work best for the organization’s needs. They then suggested tactics for moving forward. As a result, the company was able to draft an email campaign strategy off of the lead generation and client prospecting completed by the student.

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What are some example Education projects?

Example projects include: Onboarding and Training Guide Update, Protocol Generation, Training Audit, Orientation Guide Audit/Development, Discussion Facilitation, Lesson Planning, Grant Research, Fundraising Planning, and Event Planning.

What are some example skills for education projects?

Example skills include: Adaptability, Graphic Design Software, Audience Development, Assessment, Business Writing, Critical Thinking, Employee Handbook Development, Instructing, Microsoft Platforms, Process Improvement, Program Writing, Training, Time Management, Visual Communication, Written Communication, Auditing, Analytical Reasoning, Collaborating, Content Creation, Customer Service, Decision Making, Innovation, and Program Planning.

Do you have an example of a success story?

A non-profit organization needed research on what grants might be available for their organization. A student conducted research on viable grants that aligned with the organization’s mission and services. The student created a spreadsheet outlining the available grants, the criteria for each grant, and the associated deadlines for each.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Example Projects logo

What are some example Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Projects?

Example projects include: Equity Research, Diversity Best Practices, Inclusive Language Document Review and Organizational Culture Audit.

What are some example Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion skills?

Example skills include: Community Engagement, Community Assessment, Design Thinking,  Decision Making, Diversity Awareness, Market Research, Data Analysis, Industry Research, Interviewing, Interpersonal Relationships, Listening, Strategic Planning, Academic Research, Analytical Reasoning, Competitive Analysis, Competitive Research, and Critical Thinking.

Do you have an Example of a success story?

An organization realized that with their current pricing model they were not accessible to underrepresented groups. A student worked with the organization to develop a new pricing model and strategy to help make it more accessible. In addition to this work, the student helped develop the strategy around how to make the idea scalable, so that there was not an influx in new clients that the organization could not handle.

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What are some example Human Recources projects?

Example projects include: Employee Headshots, Employee Satisfaction Survey Analysis, CRM Management/Clean-up, Administrative File Organization, Job Roles and Responsibilities Review, Industry Research, Onboarding Audit, and Internal Communications Audit.

What are some example Human Resources skills?

Example skills include: Survey Software, Analytical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Customer Satisfaction, Survey Analysis, Interpersonal Relationships, Interviewing, Oral Communication, Survey Development, Communication Planning, Process Improvement, Group Work and Dynamics, Management, Key Performance Indicator Development, Employee Interviews, Employee Handbook Development, Networking, Photography, Creativity, and Collaborating.

Do you hve an example of a success story?

As a company underwent a merger, they wanted to ensure they were communicating everything effectively throughout the organization. A student conducted internal research on all the communications needed. The student conducted interviews with the different stakeholders to identify what information they would find the most pertinent. With this information they were able to develop a strategy for what communications would be sent out and when. As a result, the merger process went smoother, without as much confusion as employees felt engaged and informed.

Operations and Support Example Projects logo

What are some example operations & support projects?

Example projects include: Grant Research, Process Mapping, Slide Deck Creation, Updating User Guides, Industry Research, Business Plan Development, and Website Updates.

What are some example operations and support skills?

Example skills include: Creativity, Academic Research, Business Writing, Industry Research, Organization, Written Communication, Microsoft Platforms, Grant Writing, Collaboration, Business Process Design, Business Strategy, Business Development, Decision Making, Google Platforms, Process Mapping, Planning, Time Management, Listening, Strategic Planning, and Interpersonal Relationships. 

do you have an example of a success story?

A company upgraded their Business Intelligence (BI) software. They needed to explain the new process to everyone at the company in a way that was concise, effective, and made sense to everyone, not just the individuals in the BI department. A student developed an infographic mapping the new process in a way that everyone could understand. This process map was presented to the company’s leadership team and was used as a reference point for all employees throughout the roll out of the new software.

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What are some example IT & Cyber projects?

Example projects include: Cybersecurity Trends Analysis, Creating Technical Documentation, Operating Procedure Implementation, Website Development, Website Updates, Coding, and KPI Dashboard Development.

What are some example Human Resources SKills?

Example skills include: Written Communication, Website Analysis, Record Keeping, Long-Term And Short-Term Planning, Technology Evaluation, Data Analytics, Organization,
Process Improvement, Presentation Skills, Problem Solving, Project Management, Risk Analysis, Business Ethics, Business Valuation, Interviewing, Risk Identification, Ecommerce Website Maintenance, Data Entry, Data visualization, Power BI, Microsoft Suite, Java, and HTML.

Do you have an example of a success story?

An organization received access to a new software that helped support COVID-19 tracing efforts. Before the company wanted to move forward with purchasing the software they wanted a presentation on the usefulness an effectiveness. Students were brought on to collect the data and complete an internal data analysis using SPSS or Power BI. Students created a KPI dashboard of key metrics and presented their data findings to the leadership team. This presentation and data analysis was then used for leadership to make the final decision on the value of the software.